About German Roasted Nuts

We were attending an International Showman's Convention in Gibbtown, FL in 1996 and had just entered a big exhibition building to check out tents, lighting, and other equipment used for the concession and catering business. We all suddenly stopped and said almost in unison "what is that wonderful smell?" As we continued to follow our noses we finally found the source in a small booth in the opposite end of the building. A German was giving samples of German roasted almonds and selling the machines and packaging to make this wonderfully delicious product. Needless to say we continued to return to the booth for more sample everyday of the show.

Our single goal at the show was to purchase a 20' concession trailer to go into the catering and concession business. All the while, we were continually under the influence of those German roasted almonds. My wife Connie was along and at one point said, "Fellas, why don't we think about the roasted nut business instead of the concession and catering business. It sure looks simpler, and it tastes wonderful." Without so much as a blink, we all voted her down, and purchased the trailer.

Two years later, after going bust in catering business, we still couldn't forget the smell and taste of those German roasted almonds from the show. We finally caved in to my wife's initial suggestion.